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ͨ¹ѹ Srifah A-098
ͨ¹ѹ Srifah A-098
Թ : ͨ¹ѹ Srifah A-098


Թ  ͨ¹ѹ Srifah A-098

  • Srifah A-098 series of automatic zozzles are designed for today's custormers' demand. Small, trim,light weight, easy and convenient to operate, the Srifah A-098 is a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service.
  • Materials: Body: Aluminum  Seals: Buna-N , Viton  Main stem seals: Viton Cased Oil Seal / Graphite wite Taflon  Main stem: Stainless steel
  • Package:   Net Weight: 1.225kg/pc  Gross Weight: 1.5kg/pc  53.7x42.7x35.7cm3/case of 15 pc 37.5x34x43cm3/case of 10pc
  • Features & Benefits:
  1. Srifah A-098 Automatic Nozzles for diesel, kerosene and all kinds of gasoline service.
  2. Easily replaced spout-simply removes the screw. Spout kits are available from Srifah A-098.
  3. Low-Profile aluminum body light weight, easier to handle, provides an attractive, image-enhancing appearance.
  4. Vacuum Design: Back-Sealing Design.
  5. Selective cating process of body-Sand casting technique or high-pressure casting technique can reduce diesel foaming and static electricity.
  6. Hold-open rack is available for full service applications the one hand control means easy setting to flow rate for customer's convenience.
  7. Full hand insulator - protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates user's hands.
  8. Available Colors - color chart on inside back cover
  9. Selective splash guard.
  10. Selective Spout With Flowlock - designed to shut - off automatically when the spout is tipped up, limiting spillage and "spit"
  11. 100% Factory Tested.
  • Warning:

              Using foteign objects to hold open automatic nozzles could result ing failure to shut - off and personal injury.

  • important:

             Srifah A-098 Products should be used ing compliance with country, province and local Laws and negulations. Products selection should be based on physical specifications and limitations and compatibility with the environment and materials to be handled. Srifah A-098 Makes no warranty of fitness for a particular use. All illustrations and specifications in this literature are based on the latest products information avalilble at the time of publication, Srifah A-098 reserves the right to make changes at any time in price, materials. specifications and models and to discontinue models whitout notice or obligation.


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