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Gear Pump, ZCB-90 çѺ ѵҡôٴ- ѧѴ٧ ҹöٴ-ѵҷ дѺ٧


                 Gear Pump, ZCB-90                                  Gear Pump, ZCB-90 & Flow Meter, MJ-65S

The gear pump, ZCB-90 has a body made of alloy aluminum founded under low pressure. It is used for gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and a compound of them. The air separator, by pass valve, check valve, and inlet and outlet filter decompression are built in.

Technical Specifications of the Gear Pump, ZCB-90

Flow Rate

45 ~ 90L/Min

Speed :


Working Pressure :


Vacuum :


Noise :



Package :

1 pcs / carton

Net  Weight :

17 kg.

Gross Weight :

17.5 kg.

Dimension :

360 x 320 x300 mm.


 Դѹ Ѻʹ;ش.


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